Forrest View

designing a breathtaking brand and assets for an exceptional development


Discover how Strive designed a brand and suite of marketing collateral to help Fisks market a new luxury development in Benfleet.


the brief

When our long-standing client Fisks became the sole agent of a stunning new property development in Benfleet, they knew exactly who would create the suite of assets they needed to sell all of the 24 desirable apartments.

This wasn’t a standard exercise in marketing a new property development, however. The luxury nature of the development meant Fisks wanted to target an aspirational audience from London looking to move to the countryside. With that in mind, they wanted to sell the area and the lifestyle as much as the homes themselves.

  • My team are very good at their job, but Strive’s work made it even easier to sell all of the properties in the Forest View development. I’m so pleased I already have them creating a suite of assets for another property development

    John Pring, Director at Fisks

our solution

The standard collateral an agency would produce for a property development wouldn’t quite cut it when the client was looking to sell to an affluent audience who were not familiar with the area.

As a result, we approached this branding and marketing collateral brief as we would for any B2C company. That meant developing a full set of brand assets with complimentary guidelines, and then applying that to a suite of marketing collateral.

This included a 20-page brochure that dedicated almost one-third to selling the features and benefits of living in the local area. Each apartment design was also covered in detail, so prospective buyers could see exactly what they were purchasing, with all of the luxury and aspirational features highlighted.

To stay within the client’s budget, we used the brochure as the basis for the development’s dedicated microsite, which meant very little additional design and copywriting work was needed.

Finally, we designed site signage and created internal and external CGIs to bring the development to life.

Decorative Shapes Decorative Shapes Decorative Shapes Device overlay Website screenshots

the results

The Fisks team were delighted with the quality of the assets we created and the speed with which we delivered them.

Time was of the essence with this development, and having all of the branded collateral made it easy for Fisks’ agents to sell all of the apartments in record time.