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a revitalised web presence for an eCommerce logistics partner

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Discover how Strive helped a global logistics provider create a sales-focused web presence to launch their brand new eCommerce offering.

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the brief

Pro Carrier is a third-party logistics provider that facilitates cross-border shipping for eCommerce logistic brands. It is the sister brand of DG, a freight forwarding company and a previous Strive client.

The company had a very basic web presence, but they wanted to relaunch the website to coincide with the new product launch. The existing site had little-to-no focus on sales and gave no reason for users to pick up the phone or send a message.

The aim was to create a new website and web presence that would become a lead-generation tool filled with gated ebooks, SEO-focused blogs and other assets. It needed to emphasise the digital-first nature of the new offering while still highlighting the customer-first nature of service.

The brief included a tight three-month timeline for a project of this size. Pro Carrier wanted to have the website ready for one of the biggest logistic trade shows on the continent, Deliver Europe.

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our solution

It was clear that they really wanted to highlight the technical nature of the offering (the Pro Carrier platform integrated with every major eCommerce platform) as well as the human-first element of their customer service. We also discussed potential design routes, tone of voice messaging and exactly how their service worked.

Our extensive notes were turned into a strategic roadmap that outlined the direction, tone of voice and aims of the site. Once that was signed off, the real work could begin.

  • From our past experience, we knew Strive would deliver. But they certainly exceeded our expectations. The new website does a fantastic job of positioning our service, boosting our SEO rankings and driving new leads.

    Michael Stimpson – Head of Marketing, DG International

interactive wireframe

This initially took the form of an interactive wireframe prototype that defined the structure of the site and highlighted the user journey. This included extensive SEO keyword research informed the URL structure in order to give the site the best chance of ranking.

Once the wireframe had been signed off, we could start to flesh out the front-end designs based on the creative routes discussed during the workshop. The content was informed by in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and written to target the pain points suffered by Pro Carrier’s target market. That meant emphasising the sheer amount of automation that Pro Carrier enabled and the stress-free nature of their service.

A bespoke CMS built on ExpressionEngine formed the back end of the website. This meant that we could tailor the functionality to the client’s specific needs. Unlike with off-the-shelf solutions, there were no superfluous features or confusing dashboards. It was a clean and simple solution that they could manage themselves moving forward. Crucially, it included a fully editable page builder that meant they could continue adding more content as their service developed.  


Pro-Carrier Tracking API logo

We built a white-label branded tracking dashboard that the team can use to offer order-tracking functionality to every client. It’s a fully functioning self-service tool allowing them to easily spin up landing pages every time a new client signs.

Mailchimp logo

The new Pro Carrier website integrates with Mailchimp’s email marketing platform to automate the lead generation process. New recipients are automatically added to Pro Carrier’s mailing list when they download a gated asset.

the results

We delivered Pro Carrier a great-looking, fully functional website in time for their trade show. As with most of the websites we create, we hosted the new site ourselves and oversaw the website migration process.

We successfully redirected every page from the existing site so as not to lose any SEO equity. This was a complete success, with no broken pages and no drop in traffic.

The work we put into architecting the site for SEO paid off tenfold. In the 12 months since launch, the site has seen a 420% increase in top 10 keywords. The traffic the site handles is equally impressive. 150,000 people visit the tracking portal alone, and the site records 1.4 million monthly events.

Strive continues to provide monthly support to Pro Carrier in the form of content, SEO and an overarching go-to-market strategy. Pro Carrier’s parent company, DG International, has subsequently commissioned a new website as a result of our success here.